Programme overview

The academic programme is being overseen by the Local Scientific Organising Committee and Local Marketing Organising Committee and will include key note speakers, plenary sessions, poster sessions and three breakout sessions covering a wide range of topics set out in the table below. The abstract process ensures all presentations are reviewed and assessed  by these committees prior to presentation at the congress. The only exception is where a speaker has been specifically selected to give a key note presentation. The congress topics cover the whole avocado value chain, and will include fundamental and applied science and technology.

Under the congress theme, respectful, presenters will be encouraged to share any sustainability aspects of their presentation, as we collectively work to towards our shared goals of a resilient and sustainable industry.

Programme Overview.png

10th World Avocado Congress Theme ‘Respectful’

The theme of the Congress acknowledges the global requirements for sustainability.
We acknowledge that we need to have:

  • Respect for people
  • Respect for environment
  • Respect for our future

Which delivers our Congress theme ‘Respectful’.